22 Feb 2019

Some safety tips for a woman travelling alone

Image Some safety tips for a woman travelling alone

Traveling in a group of family or friends is really amusing but there are those who prefer traveling alone for some reasons. However, a solo travel needs much precaution to stay safe and secure during your holiday or vacation.

If you travel alone as a woman, these following tips will help you manage the situation and keep your tip safe while enjoying the best of your destination.

Get more knowledgeable about your destination

Before your departure, you have to save time to get more information about your travel destination. This is to avoid unexpected issues and situations that may bother your travel.

If you are familiar with your destination, it will be easier for you to face and manage every situation. To do it well, you can for example find necessary information on social networks, travel blogs, magazines and brochures. You can also ask friends, colleagues or other people who know more about the place.

  • Learn about the current situation of the country
  • Get information about the local people and their lifestyle
  • Find information about the security and safety of the country

Make booking and reservations in advance

To avoid problems with hotels, transports and some other activities such as unavailable tickets, you have to book in advance.

The best about this tip is to make your trip and stay stress-free and safely in your destination. Here are a few things that you should book in advance.

  • Your flights 
  • The transfer from the airport to your accommodation
  • You accommodation
  • Train tickets if the country requires advance booking for trail transport
  • Your activities

Online travel agencies like Opodo allow you to book your flight, hotel, and rental car online.

Stay safe in your holiday residence

You will stay most of your time in your holiday residence. So this is one of the biggest things that you should be careful about.

Before the booking, you have to learn more about the hotel. Find the safest region and area of your destination. Get to know if previous tourists stayed safe in the hotel.

Apart from the hotel's safety, you also have to be careful of your own safety. Take a look at the following advice to make you safer during your stay.

  • Don't stay in a room on the ground floor if possible
  • Don't tell people your room number
  • Ask the front desk number that you can dial in the case of emergency
  • Keep the door and windows locked
  • Do not let unknown people come in your room
  • Entrust your valuables to the hotel responsible
  • Do not share a bed with a stranger To find the best and safest accommodation, make the booking online on Opodo's website.

Do not go out with strangers

Bad people are used to ask their victims to go out to another place where they can accomplish their acts. So, you have to be careful if someone invites you to go out alone. The best idea is to absolutely refuse their invitation. But if it is a must, you can ask other people you know clearly to join you.