Bespoke Travel Planning By Elle

What You Get.

I specialize in affordable luxury and pain-free travel for my clients. I decompose the traditional packaged travel experience and replace it with the one-of-a-kind itineraries that are built around your budget.

Every bespoke itinerary comes with interactive pdf download for your smart phone or tablet. 

Every bespoke itinerary comes with interactive pdf download for your smart phone or tablet. 

—  Customized Itinerary.  —
About a week after your in-person* consultation, you will receive an itinerary proposal via email. It will include my Holiday Girl Recommendation, to summarize how your travel wish list is integrated into the itinerary. Where available, links to all relevant recommendations will be included. Airfare quotes are done separately. 

—  Pre-Travel Concierge Service—
My goal is to send you on your way feeling confident about your upcoming journey. After your itinerary is confirmed, you are welcome to reach out for assistance on anything related to your trip before you depart. I will always find an answer. 

—  Travel Insurance Advice—
Like American Express, you should never leave home with out it. While I cannot recommend any particular insurance, I can share advice on what you should consider for coverage based on your trip. 

*via phone or video call.

How I Work.

—  Fee-Based.  —
With bespoke travel planning, you're paying for the expertise and the experience, not the travel product. Sometimes the best match for my clients isn't online or doesn't offer a commission. By offering a fee-based service, I have the pleasure of working for you while covering the cost of my time. 

—  From Anywhere.  —
Using the power of connectivity, I'm available anywhere. Clients can utilize email, text or What's App, Facebook Messenger and even video calls to share their travel wishes or submit a concierge request.

How Do I Do It?

—  I am my agency.  —
Before I am a travel agent, I am a traveler first. That is why my service is so unique and is why I can offer you a wide-range of travel products that most travel agencies won't. My clients desire new and unique experiences. Applying what I know from first hand-experience of destinations allows me to find the right experience for you - not the right package deal for the agency. 

—  Agency Advantage—

Despite my tally of 60+ countries traveled, there are plenty of places left to explore. Thus, combining my real life knowledge with the distinction of being a CCRA Accredited travel agency, my knowledge base only widens with access to industry education and training, conferences, familiarization trips and an excuse to call up a tourism board on your behalf.  I am also a California registered seller of travel and a member of the California Restitution Fund.

Praise For The Holiday Girl

Planning Packages:

Are you ready to begin planning? If so, it will be my pleasure to work with you to realize your travel wishes. Please select a service from those listed below. 

—  Standard—  
Itinerary planning for 2 - 4 travelers and families traveling on the same itinerary (can be multi-destination) and departing from a maximum of two cities.

—  Solo Traveler— 
Specially priced itinerary planning for one traveler to unlimited destinations. 

—  Additional Travelers—
For more complex itineraries with more than four travelers with multiple destinations and/or departure cities, please add the additional traveler fee to the standard traveler fee. You can also request a customized invoice by email

—  Groups—
Are you seeking a custom group itinerary? Please begin by requesting free a consultation. Note: Group planning require a minimum of 10 or more passengers. If you have less than 10 travelers, please purchase a standard package plus the additional travelers add-on.