27 Feb 2019

How to protect yourself from pickpockets on holiday?

Image how to protect yourself from pickpockets on holiday?

Many people complain about pickpockets and losses during their holidays. You should keep in mind that no matter where you go, there can be pickpockets and robbers who attempt to steal your money, pockets, cards and other valuables. So to avoid complaining about theft, here are some tips to help you stay safer from pickpockets during your holiday.

Prepare well before you leave

To reduce the risk of loss, you have to get well-prepared before you take a tour in your destination. Some important measures should be taken to prepare.

  • Get your copy version documents, passport, visa and cards.
  • Get insurance against theft to cover your phone, camera, tablet and other valuables.
  • Take a picture of your expensive gear and leave the picture at home so you will be able to claim in the case of theft.

Be careful of your surroundings

Wherever you go, you have to be careful.  Many people may stop you on the street and start to talk to you. Keep in mind that sometimes people are not what they appear to be like.  The best way to avoid unexpected things is to be vigilant on everything.

  • Do not stay alone in a place
  • Avoid showing or counting money in a crowed street
  • Do not drink with unknown people
  • Do not answer a phone call or take out your expensive devices in the crowd

Do not take a large sum of cash with you

Bringing a large sum of cash in your pockets or purse may increase the chance of loss. Pickpockets are really skilled at stealing, so you had better not carry too much money with you.

  • Bring a credit card instead
  • Take only the sum you need for the purchase.

Do not wear jewelry in the crowd

Jewelry is one of the most common objects that attract pickpockets' eyes. All they aim is to wrest your valuables from you and your pockets. Therefore, you should not wear precious jewelry while going out in the crowd.

Leave your valuables in your hotel

To make sure your valuables stay safe during your holiday, you have to leave them in your room. It is not really good to bring them on the streets. Hotels are often safe and one of their responsibilities is to maintain the security of their guests. So if possible, you can leave your laptop, tablet, camera, or jewelry in the front desk or your room.

Secure your bag

Thieves want to violently take your valuables, so you have to find every way to keep you protected. Here are some tips to secure your bag.

  • Don't carry your back in the back
  • Make sure your bag is locked
  • If you are sitting, hold your bag around your arm or your leg.

Traveling safely and comfortably

No matter where you go, safety is the most important thing that you should never neglect. So to stay safe and comfortable during your travel, entrust your flights and accommodation to Opodo. You can book your hotel and travel online by visiting Opodo's website.