—  FAQS  —

Because we all got questions. 

How Much Are Your Fees?  My fees depend on how many people in your travel party and the length of your trip. Most travel plans are for

  • Couples, Friends (2), and Family Trips: $250 
    • One major revision is allowed, due to change of availability or unforeseen circumstance. 
    • Groups (Minimum of 10 travelers): $50/per person
    •  Solo Trips: $150

Are there additional fees? For ‘friend trips,’ two travelers are automatically included, even if they not departing from the same city. For additional friends, a fee is $35 per additional traveler to added and may be invoiced separately.

How do I pay for my travel? My clients travel wishes are varied. Depending on the destination and experience you seek, payment options may be limited, but in most instances, credit cards or cash is acceptable.

  • Credit/Debit Card Authorization Forms: All clients seeking to pay for experiences with a credit or debit card will need to submit a signed Credit Card Authorization Form along with a picture ID and front/back copies of the card. This is required for each card that you use. 
  • Cash: You may pay cash for your trips by depositing funds into The Holiday Girl website at Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and we will submit payment on your behalf at through an electronic debit or wire transfer.  Bank transfers may incur a fee. Also note this isn't always the most effective payment option for airfare, which cannot be ticketed until payment is received. 
  • PayPal: You may use a Paypal balance to pay for travel products and services as well. This operates similarly to cash payments, except that you will be invoiced by The Holiday Girl for portion of your itinerary you wish to pay using this option. A service fee of 3% will be added and collected by PayPal. 
  • Airfare Installments: I have a relationship with a to offer installment plans for airfare, if desired. 

Other Payment Circumstances:

  • International Wire Transfers: Some travel services require that deposits are sent via wire transfer. This is especially the case for international travel services. In these instances, clients have two options: 
    • The Holiday Girl Transfers On Your Behalf: In the event that we send funds on your behalf, you will receive an invoice for the amount plus the transfers fees we pay to the bank. 
    • Client Transfers: We provide you with the banking details to send the transfer on your own. This is the most expedient method. Once the transfer has been sent, email me your confirmation to notify the travel provider of your payment. 

What if I can’t take my trip?

  • If you’ve already booked?
    • Get in touch with me immediately to cancel it. Depending on your cancellation date, you may or may not fall within the grace period that would entitle you to a to a full-refund. This is a case by case basis. Airfare, rarely is refundable, but in some instances they are.
    • Travel Insurance: I recommend to clients to purchase travel insurance. Sometimes it offered through a credit card, but read the policies thoroughly to understand what protections it grants you. If you are spending a large amount, I would recommend a separate policy with ‘Cancel For Any Reason’ included in the premium. It can seem like an unnecessary expense at the time, but provides you with protection in the worse case scenario.

I paid the travel planning fee but decided not to travel. Do I get a refund?

  • My fees are non-refundable. This is because quite a few hours go into planning the experience of your dreams. If you decide not to book for some reason or other, I offer a Do-Over for first time clients within six months of your initial invoice date. 
  • The Do-Over is only valid for client’s who have already initiated the planning process. All unused bespoke travel planning services are nil six-months from your paid invoice date.