Tips For Traveling During the Holidays


Tips for traveling during the holidays that will make your life less stressful. 

It’s that time of year again

The holidays sneak up every year which gets us all wondering “where did the time go?” Once again we must travel near and far to visit with family and friends. Holiday travel isn’t the usual leisurely joyride vacation is meant to be since everyone is doing it - creating delays and short tempers all during less than favorable weather. No need for panic, we at The Holiday Girl have you covered with some tips we personally use to make it through this time of year.

Avoid Travel on Peak Dates

If you can absolutely avoid it, this is a good rule to follow. Oddly it can be easier to travel on the actual day of the holiday then the day just before it. You will want to avoid the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after. Same with Christmas, try to get to your destination a few days earlier and try to leave before the first Sunday following. If you’re planning on taking certain time to travel for the holiday, just remember so is the rest of the population. If you can be a little more clever with when you choose to depart and return it can make a world of difference.

Always be early

Everyone is scurrying to get prepared for the holidays which means there is traffic everywhere with shoppers and travelers. Try to not be one of those who waits until the last minute! The holidays call for thinking ahead, so the more you can be prepared the better. Get your shopping done early, get any car work you need done ahead of time, and always arrive early for flights. The lines for security can become quite hectic this time of year - you wouldn’t want to miss your flight over something so miniscule.

Stay in the Know

Use your smartphone to stay updated on all of your flight information and traffic updates. Get the app for the travel airline you are using. The apps will keep you updated on your flight schedule, updates on delays, and early check-in. Google Maps is a wonderful app for finding the shortest, best routes to get from one point to another. It will even show you areas where traffic is built-up so you can try to avoid it.

Don’t Get Hangry

You’re stuck in traffic, late for your flight, and now you’re starving! Always pack extra snacks and water for you and the fam incase something like this should happen. Increased volume of people means longer lines for everything so you can be a step ahead if you already have your own food getting to and from places.

TSA Says So

TSA says it’s best to leave gifts unwrapped while traveling in case your luggage gets searched making it a better choice to send gifts ahead of time to your destination. Even better, gift cards don’t take up any space and allow the person to choose exactly what it is they want. If a gift card won’t do the trick, just be aware of the TSA guidelines.

Stay Healthy

Influenza and colds arrive in full swing this time of year. Anything you can do to keep your immune system up is key. Try to eat healthy, take your vitamins, and get plenty of rest. Airborne is a great multi-vitamin you can take while traveling to boost your immunity. Try and keep stress at bay, and just remember you will once again make it through the holidays!

 A Few Extra Tips:

  • Keep all the numbers of the places you’re staying or contacts you may need in your phone.
  • Take a portable charger for your electronics so you can always have a charge in case you need to reach people about any changes that may occur.
  • Try to pack light with your suitcase so you can carry it off and on the plane without having to check it.
  • Pack appropriately for the weather where you will be going. It may be much warmer where you live than where you’re going, so check the weather.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.