The Importance of Bucket Lists


Could creating a bucket list be the first step in achieving your goals?

A bucket list may sound cliché, but after creating my own about a year ago I'm in awe of how many things I've actually crossed off. Call it what you will; bucket lists, vision boards, or goal setting lists, are a way for you to put what is in your mind on paper.

It recently hit me as I stood on the cliff of Trolltunga deep in Norway's captivating, mountain scenery that I'm living the life I set out for. It was a pivotal moment for me on my quest to live my life to its fullest, and now it's been crossed off my bucket list! Each time I'm able to put a slash through a goal my awareness of my own capability deepens, thus making me a more confident human being.

Making a list.

I'm generally a list person in all areas of my life, once I have a thought I need to keep it written to remind myself of the given task, phrase, or schedule. I know a lot of you are the same way so creating a list of goals shouldn't sound too astray. However, for anyone who may think it's a waste of time - I'm here to convince you otherwise.  You literally have nothing to loose, so why not give it a shot?

I ask that you find an extra 10 minutes in your day to please sit down and write 10 (or more) things you've always wanted to do. Anything and everything is an option, I'm not here to tell you can't get that free trip to the moon you've always wanted, but create a list within your realm of reality of goals you want to achieve that you haven't yet. It can be things like creating the body you've always wanted, taking a trip to Fiji, or maybe just getting outside in nature more than you do. Think about these things as you write them down and visualize yourself doing them. Just imagining yourself acting out your dreams can be enough to put a smile on your face and change your mood. You're encouraged to put a time frame on these goals, in fact it may further help you in achieving them. If that's too much right now though, the list in itself is enough.

Make it fun to look at it.

You can create this list to look as bright or as simple as you like. The importance of bucket lists are so that you will frequently read them, so make it exciting to look at if need be. Type it in a lovely font and frame it, or you can create a collage or vision board with photos of different things you love to make it more appealing to your eye. However you want to create this "list" just make sure it truly displays the things you want most in life, and be sure to put some love into it.

Checking it twice, and again, and again...

Put your list of dreams in a proper place where you can review it daily. I have a small wall in my room decorated with pictures of travel destinations, inspirational quotes, and my list of exactly what I want to achieve. I take a look at it once each day to remember why I'm saving this extra money I work so hard for, and to be mindful of what I need to be doing to get where I want to go. You don't have to display it for everyone to see, but make sure your eye will frequently catch a glimpse, and when you do read it. There have been studies done that prove there is power in writing down goals and visualizing them. It's actually not rocket science, but leaving something out to remind yourself of it each day helps you to stay focused.

Celebrate success!

The most exciting part to any bucket list is when you get to physically cross something off. Be proud of yourself. You took the time to focus your energy on something you really wanted out of life and were able to achieve it. That's huge! Make sure you celebrate your victories and successes however you wish.

Enjoy the adventure and don't stop creating new goals. Make that list an ongoing task by adding a new one once you check off an old one.  Stay tuned for more of my European vacation as I check off more things. Cheers!

Have you had any goals written down you've recently been able to check off? Comment below!