Reykjavik: The Iceland Fashion Hub You Need To Visit



Iceland's reputation for otherworldly landscapes is matched by the avant-garde fashion of its citizens, giving you even more reason to visit the land of "Fire and Ice." 

Paris. Milan. London. New York. Not only are these cities major cultural hotspots, but they are also universally recognized as the main centers for fashion and trends. While I love all of these style hubs, it’s nice to see when a new location introduces itself into the mix. Recently, Iceland, and Reykjavik in particular, has done exactly that. The country is home to some of the most fashion-forward citizens I’ve ever seen. Of course, with such an avant- garde fashionista as Bjork for the country’s celebrity representative, I suppose that maybe the country’s style standards aren’t so surprising after all.

Unlike the other fashion capitals of the world, Reykjavik still maintains a sense of style that is distinctly Icelandic. The women and men in the country’s capital city mix fashion-forward pieces with more practical ones to create looks that are both eye-catching and wearable. That’s probably why the city has attracted so much attention with the fashion world lately. Even Vogue took notice of the style setters there!

Reykjavik’s biggest claim to fame in terms of fashion is its annual Design March, which runs from March 10-13 this year. The event is a chance for designers of all types to show off their best work over the course of four days. The fashion side of this festival is all about the latest Icelandic trends and themes. If you go, expect to see fashionistas throughout the city wearing some of the most eye-catching outfits you’ll ever come across.

While Iceland's fashions are as varied as the country’s people, I did notice a few general trends. Here are my top tips on how to achieve Iceland style.

Your Guide To Iceland Style in 5 Easy Steps

#1. Modern is better. Who needs the fashion of the past? Certainly not Icelanders. They are all about modern fashion. Whether you’re talking about fabric, cut, or pattern, the general rule is the more futuristic the better. Expect lots of leather, sleek cuts, and clean lines when you visit.

#2. Don’t shy away from color. You won’t have to channel any New York all-black ensembles here. Iceland fashionistas love color and are experts at incorporating it tastefully into their outfits. They embrace bold hues like pink, orange and teal, and often make them the central focus of their looks. Of course, while they often use vibrant shades, they always mix them with casual neutrals for a bit of balance.

#3. Embrace bold prints and patterns. Just like with color, expect to see lots of unique prints the closer you get to Reykjavik. The style stars in town often incorporate unusual patterns into their wardrobes, from abstract polka dots and geometric shapes to graphic prints and textured designs. If you want to mimic this look, don’t forget to balance it out! Iceland fashion is all about pairing standout pieces with clean, simple clothing to create stylish, contemporary outfits.

#4. Get it tailored. Don’t expect to see any baggy clothing or frumpy styles if you head over to this northern European destination. Icelanders know how important well-fitted clothing is. They prefer tailored pants, perfectly hemmed shirts, and structured coats as their wardrobe staples. It makes them look more polished, and I’m sure it helps a lot with the last rule too...

#5. Layer it up. Thanks to their expertly tailored clothing, Icelanders have no problem with layering. Because they have to deal with a variety of weather conditions on the regular, they have to be prepared for anything. Coats, sweaters, and blazers are outfit essentials, as are structured hats and sleek boots. Plus, not only does layering up keep them warm, but it helps them mix and match their prints and colors too!

Iceland has a lot to offer when it comes to fashion. It may not be as famous as top cities like Milan and Paris, but it has its own unique, contemporary flair that helps to set it apart. I’m excited to see how the country develops within the fashion community over the next few years!

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