What To Do: Paddle Board in Ibiza, Spain



Try out a stand up paddle board in Ibiza, Spain for a break from the nightlife scene.

If Ibiza has become known as the party island of Europe, then San Antonio is its heart. But the most popular destination of Spain's Mediterranean Balearic island chain, has far more to offer than famous DJs and dress-to-impress people watching.


In fact, it should be criminal to visit Ibiza and not spend at least one morning in its waters. Why, criminal? Because you simply cannot experience the true beauty that Ibiza offers only from land.

True, when visiting Ibiza, you must make a choice between day or night - where clubs don't start jumping off until midnight, party makers are likely to spend much of the day catching up on their Zs. Nonetheless, if you can manage a night in, it will be well worth the time spent enjoying the gently lapping waters around the island. An inexpensive yet active option trying out a stand-up paddle board in Ibiza.

This past week, mis amigas and I spent a morning with SUP Boat Ibiza, for a three hour excursion on the sea. Sup Boat Ibiza is owned by Ruben and Paolo, who started the company just three years ago and have watched the rise of party tourism in Ibiza since then, even though they are both natives of the island.

Our time in Ibiza was during the week just before the closing parties, so the buzz on the island was light. But it also meant that we four girls had the entire boat to ourselves and the full attention of our instructors. We left San Antonio beach for a 30-45 minute ride to Cala Basa, where we received some initial instruction on the paddle boards before venturing into a few caves. After each cave, Ruben gave us a bit more instruction to improve our SUP'ing technique as well as time to swim in the gorgeous waters.


Let's say I'd partied enough already and after standing up a bit, I decided I would spend my hour in repose and on my knees. Meanwhile, my friend Leti went for the gusto and performed a handstand on her board. She also happens to be a former surfer and gymnast... and dare say, an overachiever.

To be honest,  part of the fun of stand up paddle boarding is watching your friends be completely clumsy or incredibly cool atop their boards regardless of the location. This particular adventure happened to include cool cave exploring and alcoves along the the shore in between. The latter part of the adventure is a 45 minute guided snorkeling trip. I too sat this one out. Lame, I know, but I opted not to have the ensuing fight with my hair that I'd have had to endure had I'd gone in for a dip (read: shrinkage!). Nonetheless, it was the perfect holiday morning that you come to expect on a island. A chilled out morning with friends on a boat in gorgeous waters. Sign me up for the next one!