More Travel Lessons


Thank you again, travel.

Travel never fails to deliver a message each time I experience it. It seems to unearth revelations that I never thought to inquire about before. That's part of what makes it so valuable - each time you travel you are revealed to yet another layer of yourself you never knew existed. There's been beautiful lessons, sad lessons, and downright hard lessons, but recently I can't help but notice how small travel has made me feel, both physically and emotionally, and how I'm turning it into something amazing.

 Lessons from a tree.

I recently spent some time among the giants of the Redwood National and State Parks. I didn't receive cell service in the area so I took the opportunity to truly disconnect from my orderly life and instead re-connect with my wild side. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these colossal trees driving down the winding road. It felt like you were going back in time to the prehistoric era, untouched my mankind. Some of them are over 50 feet in circumference. They towered 300 feet above me, and aged me by nearly 1,500 years. These trees have seen a lot in their lifetime. They've seen the world go through it's highs and lows - whether relating to temperature or the precarious nature of the humans who inhabit it - and they've adapted right along with it. Regardless of what happened around them these trees have stood the test of time. They've grown larger and more resilient with each year, always remaining beautiful. We are never fully in control of what happens around us or even to us, but we can decide to move forward and grow from any experience we face.

It amazes me no matter how much we bereave this planet of everything it still somehow puts up the good fight to continue existing - to continue providing for us. Nature is such an unstoppable force that will always keep persisting on merely being. If we stopped maintaining the roads we built, eventually the Earth would push through creating cracks to expel new life. When you look hard enough at nature you begin to see a cohesive balance among everything on this planet that proves we all need one another. It's important we are giving back equally what we are taking, and at the risk of sounding like a total tree-hugging hippy, I realized how important it is to let the Earth know we appreciate it. If you are interested in donating or learning more about conserving our planet click here. There are many nature and wildlife conservations doing amazing things so I invite you to do some research and see if you can get involved, even if that means small changes within your household.

A lesson about insecurity turned into influence.

I've always been short, but I've never felt poorly about it until recently - this year to be exact. It all started with a trip to Scandinavia. The landscape and people of the region are unbelievably beautiful. Everything seemed to tower over me at all times. The people seemed to notice me less than I'm used to, I'm assuming since I was out of eyesight to them - that's what I tell myself anyway. The artistry and essence of these lovely people made me feel minuscule. Their confidence made me feel insufficient, although I don't believe for a minute it was intentional. They just carry themselves in a way I've never known.

After much introspection I realized how I allow other people's confidence or draw to somehow intimidate me from mine - as if I feel threatened. But why? I've met a lot of people along my journeys who carry so much discipline and self-love, instead of being jealous or envious I should be inspired. I've decided to instead take pieces of these individuals and absorb them into new life practices rather than feeling like I'm less worthy for not being on the same level. Always take inspiration from those who are doing great things, don't feel vulnerable or intimidated by them. Surround yourself with the dreamers, believers, and doers, and you too will begin to follow that path.

A lesson about letting go.

Travel brings some really incredible people into your life, but sometimes they are gone as quick as they came. As the deep-feeling person I am it's easy for me to read further into things creating ideals in my head that don't always align with reality. There are two parallels of life when you become a part-time traveler as I have. The first is your real life - the one where you work, have a hometown with friends nearby, and have a routine. The other is your nomadic life - the one where you get to be who you always wanted to be, the one that sees the world, and has a friend in various cities across the globe. I don't know that I would trade one life for the other entirely, but the goodbye's at the end of any trip take pieces from you that you will forever miss and be without.

As I stated earlier, there is a cohesive balance regarding life you begin to notice when you take a deeper look at things. I've learned it's idealistic to believe you'll keep in touch with everyone you meet traveling, even if you felt a profound connection - the reality is that you won't. For whatever reason, the distance or inadequate timing of it just doesn't allow for it. It's been the most uncomfortable lesson I've learned thus far, and that's to appreciate every single moment for what it is right then and there - and not to expect much more from it. Expectations can be dangerous. Sometimes people come briefly into your life even if you wanted them to stay, but they are equally important in the scheme of things and the evolution of you.

Traveling isn't always about searching, but instead letting things find you. If you go searching for all of life's answers all the time you may become disappointed. Sometimes just showing up is enough, just being here or there provides you with exactly what you never knew you needed.

Traveling has become my humble teacher, always offering more travel lessons. I've learned it's about giving up the gun and appreciating every instance and every person my life brings to me, and in return respecting their journey whatever it may be. It's about respecting all life, giving back as much as I take, and truly being apart of this human experience.

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