Lo & Sons OG Overnight Bag is Super Versatile For Touring, Nomading and Kicking Back

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The Lo & Sons OG Overnight Bag Gets Top Ratings For My Style of "Work and Play" travel.

Packing. It is my least favorite part of any journey. Trying to figure out what I should take, be prepared for and so on... *ugh* It all gives me low grade stress. Considering how much I actually travel, it seems like packing would be a no-brainer by now. For spending what accumulates into years at a time on the road, it can still be a struggle to find the right balance between fashionable and purposeful, when deciding on what to bring.

To some extent, I’ve learned to alleviate this pain by shopping smarter. My travel wardrobe is very neutral. No overly patterned outfits (unless it’s a dress or jumpsuit). And despite having built an impressive jewelry collection from my travels, I don’t even take much of it with me because it’s too heavy. Instead, I’ll opt for a few complimentary pieces to really love and wear for a season until I'm ready to swap them out. And though at times I struggle with indecision about what to take, I have learned that the most successful packing is as much to do with the luggage as with the contents put into it.

It only took me one time of lugging two large 30” suitcases through New York City's Grand Central train station back in December 2010 for me to learn the ‘less is more’ lesson. Fortunately, with the addition of my new Lo and Sons OG bag, I'm closer than ever to having the perfect travel system versatile enough for touring life, my nomadic adventures and pure getaways.

My new Lo & Sons OG bagJack Spade Duffle Bag has replaced my beloved Jack Spade army green vinyl duffle. It was time to look for a new carryon bag with more organization and with a design that would take the stress of carrying such a heavy load off of my shoulders. After six years of constant travel, the wear and tear of long-haul coach seats and heavy luggage has started to catch up with me. A body out of alignment doesn't go well with performing two hour arena shows, thus my pursuit of good luggage now means that it also needs to be ergonomic.

Below is my review of the Lo & Sons OG bag. This review is based on my travel lifestyle that

Computer Hardrive, Keyboard, Bluetooth Speaker

is frequent yet varied in the ways in which I travel. I tend to plan multiple trips in one, where I often add a personal adventure to a work trip. I am a hi/lo type girl where my adventures take me to exquisite hotels and hostels alike. I don't personally believe in having hostel gear and luxury gear. I prefer to have a system that works in both environments so that I can make the most of every journey as it evolves.

Lo + Sons OG Bag Specs:

Described by Lo and Sons “The perfect combination of a lightweight overnight travel bag, stylish gym bag and super functional 13 inch laptop bag.”

Leather Jacket, Gucci Purse, Carryon Bag

Design Features:

  • Padded laptop compartment, fits up to 13”
  • Pocket for tablet or work documents
  • Front pockets for easy-to-access to essentials
  • Side pocket for an extra pair of shoes
  • Long leash for convenient access to your keys
  • Back panel sleeve that secures bag over retractable luggage handles
  • Detachable messenger strap for extra comfort on the go
  • Fits under most standard airplane seats

Size and Weight:

  • Weight: 2.2lbs
  • Hand Drop Length: 9.5”
  • Height: 15”
  • Depth: 6.5”
  • Base Width” 17”


  • Exterior: Lightweight water-resistant nylon
  • Interior: Signature hummingbird poly jacquard lining
  • Handles: 100% leather handles and trim

First Impression: This is a Big Bag

For all of the design features that the Lo + Sons OG bag boasts, I don’t know why I was surprised by its size. It is a small piece of luggage with a 17" base and 15" height and not the smaller peripheral accessory that I had imagined. To be clear, this isn’t a bad thing. Every inch of the OG is designed is designed to be functional which increases the way in which it can be use. My biggest concern with the OG, was if it would fit in the overhead compartments being that it is taller and more structured than my duffle bag. The verdict: Apart from a few regional planes, it fits easy.

A Cost-Saving Moment with my Lo & Sons OG:  I was flying on EasyJet from Helsinki to Zurich and had forgotten how strict their hand-luggage policy is. I had my OG bag plus a backpack. To avoid an additional charge, I had to figure out a way to consolidate both bags into one. Since the OG is padded and more structured, my only hope was to try to fit all of the contents of my back into the OG instead. With two pairs of shoes already packed in the OG along with my laptop, surprisingly, I was able to re-work all of the belongings, including the backpack itself into the one carryon I was allowed. It also ended up still fitting comfortably upright into the overhead compartment.

Looks Great: Stylish But No Unnecessary Branding

The Lo & Sons OG bag is undeniably stylish. I opted for the bag with black exterior, lavender lining and light gold hardware. The Lo & Sons OG is tastefully branded with their signature hummingbird on the front hanging gold pendant and in the jacquard patterned lining. I really dislike overly branded bags (Like with a Michael Kors for example. Great design ruined by too many logos). The OG is a great balance of quality craftsmanship worthy of a brand name but without all of the noise. Which leads me to my next point about its versatility.

The Right Fit: Versatility for a Touring Musician/Nomad

In the series of pictures posted below, I've packed my OG for my typical journey where work and play tend to overlap. Achieving this type of work-life balance hasn't been easy, nor is it always easy in practice. I carry my office with me, unlike most vacationers who leave their work at work for 7 days. But in reality, my trips may be up to a month at a time and I can't afford to just go off the grid for that long. Like my phone plan, my luggage also needs to be flexible and versatile to go anywhere with me - whether it's a laid back few days on a beach or I'm turning up for a work gig. Tried and tested, the OG makes the cut and in many ways has improved my system.

 12 Days in Europe: My most recent trip was a 12 day European journey bookended by performances. I took every manor of transportation possible: train, plane and ferry and stayed in accommodations that ranged from private rooms and shared dorms. Even when my rolling luggage handle broke early on during my trip, carrying my OG was never burdensome. And when it came to my hostel stays, the compartments in the Lo & Sons OG made it very easy to store my important things in less obvious and less accessible places.

Packing My OG

 My "Work and Play" Carryon Packing List:

  • 13” MacBook Pro and Power Supply (I like the lighter 13” macbook Pro with upgraded processor and ram for greater ease of portability.)
  • Cocoon Grid-It 13” for external HD, rechargeable battery, cables
  • Midi Keyboard
  • Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Noise Canceling Headphones
  • Vocal Supplies
  • Plastic Zip Bag (For carrying loose items. And for the airports where it's required to remove the liquid contents. I hate doing it in the security line.)
  • Sanitary Wipes and Tampons (Preferably without applicator to save space)
  • Travel Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Advil (and necessary prescriptions)
  • Small Grooming Items (Hair ties, bobby pins, ect)
  • Lotion
  • Selfie Stick
  • Passport Holder with Duplicate Passport (with pocket for international documents, like WHO Yellow Health card with vaccination records, sometimes an extra passport photo)
  • Extra Pen (for completing landing cards)
  • Small Bag of adapters and connectors
  • House Keys
  • Eyeglasses Case
  • Smaller external battery for iphone
  • Travel Socks (Not Picture)
  • Scarf (Not Pictured)
  • Eye mask (Not Picture)

Crossbody Bag:

  • Cash/Credit Cards
  • Lip Salve
  • Primary Passport
  • Pen
  • iPhone

*What is not represented in these photos is the OG Carry-on bag’s internal pocket for shoes or clothes. This is great when using the OG bag for overnight and don’t need to carry as much electronics. During a recent trip that was not music related, I carried a pair of lo-top Converse and a my slim Havaianas flip-flops comfortably.