Life Is Beautiful Festival


You can always count on a festival to remind you just how beautiful life really is.

I recently went to what I consider my very first festival. I suppose I've been to other music festivals before, but they've always been in Denver which is only an hour away from my home town. I normally just crash on a friends couch and take an Uber to the event wherever it ends up being. I don't know why, but the fact that I had to travel further to the festival and find accommodations made it seem more formal. I even got an official wrist band in the mail which I've never received for a festival before. But, I also think it's because this festival included food, music, art, and speakers. It wasn't merely three days of music, it was an entire experience.

The Life is Beautiful Festival takes place in Vegas off the old strip near Fremont street. My travel partner in crime, Bailey, and I decided to take a chance on a hostel for the weekend. All of the hotels raised their prices through the roof since not only was our festival happening, but the iHeart Radio festival was taking place just up the way on the newer strip. The Golden Nugget is a fun hotel located on Fremont street which is where I normally like to stay in Vegas, but they were asking nearly $900 for the three nights we would be there. I decided to see if I could find anything cheaper, and voila! Las Vegas Hostel was $78 for the entire weekend. Being a budget traveler is not a way of life for everyone, but you just can't beat that price. Although this was my first time staying at a hostel in the U.S. I pretty much knew what to expect. The hostel wasn't in the best area of town but it was actually in pretty good condition, it even had a hot tub and a swimming pool! The best part was that it was located only a few blocks from the festival entrance making it an easy stroll home in the wee hours of the morning. We knew this would be the best way to meet fellow festival attendee's and get the raw travel experience you always do from hosteling.

Artist's from A - Z come to show you a good time.

The line up was incredibly eclectic. Anyone and everyone could surely find someone they liked at this festival. I personally went for Crystal Castles, an experimental electronic duo from Canada who stole my heart when I first heard their hit Vanished nearly ten years ago. The only reason the idea of going to this  festival came about was because I knew they would be there. I was under the impression that this would be my only chance to see them in the near and distant future, but I later learned they played in Denver the Thursday after the festival, oh life. I'm so happy I made the trek to Vegas to see them though. It was truly life changing, even though the original singer has been replaced by another girl, they killed it.

The line up also included: Flume, Bassnectar, Major Lazor, Mumford and Son's, The Lumineers, Jimmy Eat World, Die Antwoord, and Third Eye Blind - to name a few. Flume and Major Lazor put on the best show I've seen in a while. I didn't even realize how much I enjoyed a lot of these artists who performed until seeing them live. Third Eye Blind took me for a walk down memory lane, although the lead singer couldn't stop ranting nonsense at the audience about his new found enlightenment, it truly touched my heart to see them perform.

But what are festivals all about, anyway?

It's the lights, it's the atmosphere, it's the will to be whoever you want to be in the moment. Aside from all the amazing music - which really is the most important part of any festival since it's what brought you there - it's always fun and exciting to see all the people who congregated to be there with you, whether intentionally or not. That's such the beautiful thing about a festival is that the music unites you with all these strangers for these few days. Most everyone is dressed as if they live in a fantasy world, everyone seems to be in love as they hold hands and kiss, and skip and hop from one stage to the next. They let their bodies move to the music without caring what anybody else is thinking or doing next to them. People are generally happy to see one another because you are all at this same amazing event together, so everyone has something in common - the music, the ideas, the wanting to celebrate it with others. We met some really great people at our hostel who we ended up having dance parties with at the various stages. But one thing I truly admired about this festival was that I never once saw anyone get wheeled out on a stretcher or be in any apparent danger. It's always a game changer when you see people dropping like flies from overdoing it at festivals, it's never a pretty sight - so please always remember to stay hydrated.

The vibe of this festival is beautiful! Everyone looked stunning in their dramatic makeup and intriguing outfits - or lack there of. There were so many fun things to do in between walking from one stage to the next - whether stopping to observe an over sized art piece or join a hula hoop party - I was always impressed by everything going on around me. Festival's certainly can take it out of you by the time they're over, but the freedom you get to experience while you're apart of them takes all your stress away for the time being. You can dress, dance, and act however you want here. Everyone is doing it with you, everyone gets it. You're certain to find your tribe when you go to a festival.

Upcoming Travel:// I'm going to Japan to visit my grandmother's original stomping grounds and celebrate Japenese culture - October 24th, 2016.

Besides a small trip to San Diego in early December, I think my travels are wrapping up for the year - so bittersweet! But what an amazing year it's been for me and travel!