#FindYourFunds: Sell Some Stuff


cash register Tip Two: Sell Some Stuff

Welcome back to #FindYourFunds! This week, we’re here to bring you our second tip to get cash in your pocket fast, and all that cash is laying around YOUR OWN HOUSE! Those Nike tennis shoes you just HAD to buy but never wore? All of those old iPhones/electronics you have laying around? Textbooks from college you never got rid of? All of these are just a few examples of straight cash laying around your house. If you haven’t figured it out already, here are our tips for you to sort through your things and sell some stuff.

using a cell phoneUtilize virtual marketplaces

Using websites such as Ebay, Amazon, or your local Craigslist can help you sell your things faster and more securely. Not only this, it’s gonna allow your things to been seen by far more people than a typical garage sale, so hello paycheck!

Start your own online store

If you really have a lot of stuff, you can get creative! Repurpose some of those old shirts into cool blankets, personalize them to order, or even cut them up to sew onto jeans as cute patchwork! Use a website such as Etsy to create your own store and basically run your own tiny business.

Have a garage sale

Garage sales are awesome because it allows you to put out a lot more things for sale without having to worry about being super detailed in descriptions and photos online! Request an ad in your local newspaper and make some flyers to hang around your town. You’ll make bank and get to socialize with your community!

selling clothing onlineTake your clothes to a resale shop

GUYS. This is one of the easiest ways to turn your old clothes into cash. Simply take your clothes in a laundry bin, bag, or box  to a resale shops such as Plato’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange, leave it there with the employees for a few hours, come back and the store will have an offer to buy your clothes for their own inventory! It’s super easy, and they typically pay out good money for well known/designer brands! See how easy selling your stuff can be? You’ll not only get the money you need, but the feeling of cleaning out and getting rid of all that extra stuff will be a huge relief for you! Hope this tip finds you well, and remember to get creative! Let us know how you sell your stuff to #FindYourFunds, or if you use any of these tips! Until next time, happy funding!