#FindYourFunds: How to get a Nannying Job


#FindYourFunds Tip #3: How to get a Nannying Job how to get a nannying job

Remember when you were young? I’m talking 5, 6, 7, 8, maybe even 9 years old. You were so carefree and had no responsibilities. Your only real idea of planning ahead was planning when you could eat another box of shaped macaroni and cheese. You would go through the school year and soon enough summer break came and you were so excited. However, although you were be done working for the year, your parents weren’t.

So what happens? Your parents have to call in backup. They call that older girl, your nanny. She comes over every day during the workweek, because your parents know all you think about is shaped macaroni and cheese, so they know they can’t leave you home alone while they are gone at work. She walks in and you get so excited and are so ready for your parents to leave. When they finally do you and nanny do everything under the sun. You play games, bake together, go the waterpark, go bike riding, and even go to the movies together.

However, I think there may be a small detail you forgot as a kid. Remember when your parents would get home each day, and they would talk to your nanny before she left, and then get out their wallets?

This is the moment you all go “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Exactly. Today on #FindYourFunds, we’re digging into the awesome gig that is nannying. Now that you’re older, it’s an incredible opportunity for you to make some big bucks while also getting to have fun and reap a ton of benefits from the family you’re going to nanny for. However, where do you find a nannying job? How much should you be charging an hour? Should you charge more based off the family having more kids? Are there some specific things you should ask before accepting a nannying job? There are some big things you need to make sure you ask and consider before taking on this job, as it can be demanding, but again the benefits are completely worth it, so let’s get to it!

  1. Where to Find a Nannying Job

So, you’ve decided that nannying is for you. GREAT! But where do you start looking? Sometimes, this can be difficult, especially if you don’t know any immediate families looking for a nanny. A great place to start is online. Websites such as Care.com and Sittercity.com are fantastic online sources that allow you to build an online profile, and even run a background check on yourself so you look even better to families seeking a nanny. What’s even better is that you are searchable, so families can contact you directly on the websites.

     2. Important Questions to Ask the Parents

You’ve searched around and finally have a family that is interested in you, YAY! Typically, with any nannying position, the family will have you come over to their home to “interview” you and for you to meet the kids. You are going to basically become a member of the family, so the parents want to make sure they like you and want to make sure their kids like you. They will ask you about yourself and prior experiences with children most likely. However, this is an incredible opportunity for you to ask questions as well. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, it will show the family you are serious and have thought things through! Some questions you should consider asking are:

-Do your kids have any disabilities?

-Do your kids participate in regular activities during the week? (ie. sports, clubs, tutors, etc.)

-What other tasks would you also want me to perform? (Laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.)

-Will I be included on all family passes? (To the zoo, waterpark, any museums, etc.)

-Would you be willing to reimburse gas I used during the job?

how to get a nannying job

     3. How Much Should You Charge?

This is a subject that I highly recommend getting comfortable with. You are nannying to make money! And you will be doing a considerable amount of work each week, and by considerable, it’s easy to put in 40+ hours (but remember: this money is under the table, typically in cash, and TAX FREE!) If the family asks how much you charge, DO NOT simply say “Whatever you think is best!”. Really think through how much you want to charge. Do they have more than one kid? Two? Three? How many hours a day are they asking you to work? A good baseline to follow is $12 an hour for two kids working 6-7 hours a day. For every additional kid, add $1, and for every hour past 7 hours, add $.50. This way, you can explain to the family why you are charging the amount you are asking and it comes across very logical.

Now that you have the info you need, go out and land that nannying job. It will be a summer full of work, but also full of adventure and craziness with the kids you care for. Not only that, but with the money you will be making, your travel fund will filled up in no time, and you’ll be booking your next flight to be off on your next adventure!

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