Hitting the Road Again


Leaving home is becoming more comfortable than staying.

It's been nearly three weeks since my return home from my amazing 2016 European vacation. I'm finally readjusted and back into the swing of things, and most importantly back to making money. Undoubtedly, as soon as I begin to find my routine I'm making sure to leave again. I'm whole heartedly living out my newfound life mantra 'to always have the next adventure planned' as I mentioned in my recent blog, When the Travel Adventure Ends. It helps me look forward with excitement instead of mourning what's recently passed.

There's always that punch to your gut when your travels come to an end, at least for me anyway. I realized with the advice of a new friend that I can help soften the blow by already having my next getaway planned, preferably before the current one is over. I coincidentally planned my next adventure, a road trip to camp in the Redwood National Park (then to Portland, then Seattle to whale watch and visit my most hilarious friend) right around the National Park Service Centennial. They are celebrating 100 years of dedication and service by allowing free entrance into all national parks the weekend of August 25th - 28th, 2016 - so definitely see which ones are in your own backyard and take advantage of some free nature.

I have two more trips planned before the year ends, which I'm confident will get me through feeling happy and well traveled. Even small weekend getaways help alleviate the feeling of being stagnant. I don't honestly believe it matters how long a vacation is as long as you're getting to enjoy a new experience.

Life is all about choices.

It's crazy for me to reflect on how one solo trip abroad changed the course of my entire path. Little did I know then just how important traveling would become, and little did I know of the sacrifices I would make to ensure its priority. Something will most certainly take precedence in your life when it awakens you back into existence.

People often ask how I do it. How do I travel as frequently as I do and be able to afford it? Want to know the real secret? I decided traveling was something I needed to do as often as possible so I save all of my money for it. Boom, that's it. Years ago I somehow put myself through beauty school which later in life has allowed for me to become my own boss and be able to create the schedule of my dreams. Maybe I was building this life for myself all along and I just didn't know it. I love the serendipity of life which is revealed when you start piecing it all together.

I try really hard to monitor my social outings, which is no easy task for me because I love dinner and martinis and brunch and mimosas. But, all of those things can be even more enjoyable in a new city with beloved new friends. Where you focus your energy is where it will breathe. So, focus it where you really want it and on the things you truly desire from life. It doesn't happen overnight, it's an ongoing thing you must remind yourself of daily, but once you reach your goals the feeling is pure bliss. It is all about balance, however. You want to enjoy your life during the day to day, too. Don't hoard all of your joy for another place in time, but if it's important to get where you want to be you will need to be somewhat disciplined to ensure it happens. We're always working towards something, but it's as much (if not more so) about enjoying the ride as it is arriving at the destination.

The travel bug has not only bit me, it infected me.

Hitting the road again and again is just going to be a way of life for me. See, the brilliant thing I've learned about our lives is that they are our own, and we get to make all of the rules. What made sense then doesn't have to make sense now - and vice versa. We are ever evolving, so whatever you think is holding you back from that thing you want to be doing, just decide that it isn't. The power you hold by believing you can is greater than any other force of nature.

One day I up and decided that travel was too important to not consistently be doing, and now it's a practice I eat, drink, and breathe. I believed I would make it a priority, and I did. I realized my life belongs to me, and I belong to where I'm going.


Upcoming Travel: Road trip to the Redwoods, Portland, and Seattle on Wednesday the 31st, 2016. // Japan October 2016.

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