Florence vs Rome, Italy: Art, Food, and Shopping


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Of all the cities in Italy, Rome and Florence always top the list of places to visit. Both locations are remarkable in their own right. Florence, home to Leonardo da Vinci and the famous Medici family, is a mecca for art lovers and historians alike thanks to the abundance of art treasures displayed throughout the city. Rome, on the other hand, is nothing short of a citywide museum. In addition to its role as the Italian capital, Rome also boasts some of the grandest historical architecture in the world. Yet which one is the best to visit? Read on to see which city wins in our comparison between Florence vs Rome, Italy.


Each city has such a powerful reputation that makes it difficult to choose a favorite. Yet we are going to dig deep and analyze each aspect of the two famous spots in order to determine a winner. Who will come out on top: Rome, with its gladiator spirit and endless sights, or Florence, with its lion heart and rich history? Only you can help us decide Battle Florence vs Rome, Italy!


Best Art - Florence


While Rome is right around the corner from Vatican City, which is home to such an extensive collection of art that takes at least three hours to see, Florence takes the cake in this competition. Not only does it have the Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo Pitti, two of the most extensive art galleries in the world, but it also houses the Galleria dell’Accademia, a.k.a. the location of Michelangelo’s David.


Coolest Nightlife - Rome


Florence doesn’t hold a candle to Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood. When the sun sets, Romans and tourists alike cross Ponte Sisto as they flock to the hip borough. This labyrinth of an area has bars galore and piazzas, like the beautiful Piazza di Santa Maria, to spill out onto for lounging and people-watching.


Best Local Dish - Tie


Deciding this category is like trying to pick out the best food in all of Italy; it’s simply not possible. When in Rome, you absolutely must order a plate of pasta carbonara from a place like La Carbonara or Pipero al Rex. The creamy, cheesy pasta will have you dreaming about a repeat visit for days to come. The bistecca fiorentina in Florence, however, is a whole other story. Order it “al sangue,” or rare, from a restaurant such as Trattoria Osteria di Que’ Ganzi for one of the best cuts of steak you’ll ever eat.


Most Fashionable - Florence


Florence wins this category, no contest. The city that was home to the first Italian fashion shows is now known as the “fifth fashion capital of the world.” Fashion lovers can revel in the sights at the Gucci Museum, stop by the never-ending style events the city hosts, or spend a few hours in the markets for shopping galore. Dress to impress, because fashion bloggers and photographers are always in and out of Florence for brand collaborations and mini-vacations.


Best Place to Spend a Week - Rome


The sheer size of the Italian capital makes it impossible to see everything it has to offer in a day (or even two). Take two days to tour the main sights, like the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Piazza di Spagna, the Trevi Fountain, and the Forum. Then spend another day or two just exploring the city’s nooks and crannies. That way you can roam the city like an Italian and discover some of the locals’ favorite hideaways.


Best Gelato - Tie

Gelateria La Carraia (Florence) vs. Giolitti (Rome)

Italian gelato in general far surpasses American ice cream. However, once you start comparing one Italian gelato to the next, things get a little trickier. In Florence, Gelateria La Carraia sells some of the best gelato you can imagine. This shop makes perfectly creamy gelato in flavors like watermelon, coconut, chocolate mint chip, and dark chocolate. Then, when you’re in Rome, make time to stop by Giolitti, the well-reviewed gelateria in the heart of the city. Whether you choose raspberry, coffee, Oreo, or pistachio, always end your order with a whopping scoop of homemade panna, or whipped cream. It’s heaven!

Top Spot To Buy Leather - Florence

In addition to being a fashion capital, Florence is also the Italian leather hub. The market in Piazza San Lorenzo has all the leather goods you could imagine, from beautifully crafted handbags and leather belts to one of a kind jackets and wallets. Don’t be afraid to haggle. It will be worth it in the end!


Serious Shopping - Rome

Even though Florence has fashion covered, Rome wins when it comes to shopping. If you’re looking for designer, head straight to Piazza di Spagna for top outlets like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace. After that, wander around the side streets and visit some of the many jewelry and antique boutiques in the area. If you want something a bit younger or more independent, swing by Campo dei Fiori or Piazza Navona and stroll through the hip stores in the area.


Outcome of Battle Florence vs Rome, Italy: It’s a tie! But with such amazing choices, can you really blame us? We’d love to hear if you’ve been to any of these places or are planning to visit them on your next trip!