Building A Community of Giants

Hey there! Elle, checking in! You may have noticed the new digs around here! Since Sam and I attended the Womens Travel Fest this last March, the entire THG team has been working hard to relaunch the site with better resources for pain free and safe travel. Have you checked out our free e-guide of budget air carriers across the globe? There's so much more we're about to release.

In the coming months, we are launching a travel community for women travelers. We like to think of ourselves - and you - as women who dare. Not only to see the world, but as as a tribe of women who push the limits in every aspect of their lives. And there is no greater force than when daring women come together in support of each other's dreams. Combine that force with the transformative power of travel, then you have the makings of an incredible generation of women change agents.

Time and again on staff, we talked about who our "girl" is. Because we are the community we serve, we profiled one another on the staff - sharing how we perceived each others values, ambitions, challenges and strengths. We acknowledged that in a line-up of the usual suspect, perhaps, we'd make the most unlikely group of individuals. But at the heart of it, we had the common thread of ambition, empathy and optimism that tied us together. And more than anything, we desire the resources, tools and advice that will support us in becoming the women we are striving to be. Thus, we decided to create a space that facilitates that exchange  - each one, teach one. And in return, there'll be someone to do the same for you.

If you know me personally, than you'll know that this both an exciting and intense time for me. These past three months have been fueled by my passion to lay the foundation for this new community, but I've still been hard at work managing my own career as a singer. For only a few short weeks after Womens Travel Fest, I released my first music project since 2009. Naturally, it's been inspired by my life on the road over the past six years. Beautifully, the project seemingly began and ended with Ethiopia - the first country I traveled abroad to in 2010 and where I lived for two months on a singing contract in Addis Ababa. I returned in November 2015 for a solo trip around the country and ended up recording the final track for my EP. The song is called Giant. And if there was any question as to whether I'm serious about self-actualization and empowerment, the lyrics will surely tell you:

"You're a freak of nature. And they're tryna tame ya. But you're an earthquaker. And they can't stand the shake up. Cus you're a Giant..."

It's a call to action for all of us to grow into our own skin and to be unapologetic in the pursuits that will allow us to be who we are! But none of this happens in a vacuum. We grow in community. I am a Giant because I am surrounded by them. When we build up one another, we are building a community of Giants.

So I invite you to become a pioneering member of our Travel Community For Women Who Dare, when it launches in a few months. At the top of the page here, there's a box to enter your email to receive the official notice of our launch. If you need a little encouragement, take a listen to Giant and let's get ready to shake some things up!

On The Road Again... 

As I write this today, I am currently in Cannes, France preparing for a show at AmFar's annual Cinema Against AIDS events with boss-lady (and one of my personal Giants). Then it's off to explore new frontiers, Estonia and Russia, my 66th and 67th country before a weekend in Basel and Lucerne Switzerland. I'll be blogging my itineraries from each stop here on the blog, as well as photos on my Instagram @OhElleYeah. I hope you'll join me.