XL Airways Offers Cheap Flights To Paris

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With XL Airways, getting to France may be cheaper than you think.

Low-cost air carriers aren't really a new offering in travel. Europe has enjoyed an array of budget carriers for years now. And with the increase in millennial travel over the last decade, the US market is finally ripe for such airlines to spread the love across the Atlantic. In recent years, well established and home-grown economy carriers like Southwest and JetBlue have expanded into international territories offering regularly scheduled departures to Mexico and the Caribbean. Even the heavily loathed Spirit Airlines lands in Colombia, these days. And these offerings make sense, with most American travelers heading South for short-haul getaways.

Budget is still the bottom-line.

Besides the obvious price incentives, the attitude of millennials towards travel is changing the face of the industry at large. More and more, millennials are refusing to wait until their golden years to take the trips of their dreams because the truth is, we may never actually retire. With many of us carrying significant student loan debt, potentially starting families and buying homes, we are still as cost conscious as ever, despite many of us earning more than we ever have  in our professional lives. And while the Caribbean and Central America are extremely accessible destination making them ideal for a long weekend abroad, many millennials are looking at long haul destinations for their annual getaways. While seeking off the beaten path experiences, taking in local culture, new culinary experiences and bars scenes at our desired destination, our bottom line budget still takes the highest priority. And anyone who's booked international flights, outside of a glitch fare, is well aware that the hardest travel expense to work around is the cost of a plane ticket.

XL Airways

New Long-Haul, Low-Cost Carriers From Europe Offer Trans-Atlantic Travel At Competitive Prices

Fortunately, the landscape is changing. And there are new carriers in the market that provide competitive long-haul fares, providing more choice in how we choose to make it abroad. Norwegian and WOW Air have received a significant amount of press this year for their unbelievable airfares to Europe. Some flight segments are as low as $99 one-way, offering fully customizable fares allowing passengers to adjust their flight experience according to one's budget. WOW Airlines fares can even include a long stop-over in Iceland, potentially giving a passenger two destinations for one extremely low fare. These carriers are in the business of offering 'error-fare' prices year around increasing their appeal despite leaving out some traditional carrier amenities and comforts.

XL Enters New Markets With Direct Flights from LAX 2016 and Beyond

Adding to the foray is XL Airways, a French carrier offering seasonal low-cost and direct flights to Paris's Charles De Gaulle from four gateway cities throughout the United States: New York (JFK), Miami (MIA), San Francisco (SFO) and Los Angeles (LAX). I had heard of XL Airways in recent months but got to know them a little better at the Sud De France NY Travel Trade Show this month. XL Airways is especially interesting to me because France is not only a popular tourist destination, but Paris is an ideal gateway city for accessing much of Europe. Adding to its appeal, 2016 is the first season that XL Airways has begun offering non-stop flights from Los Angeles. Service operates three times a week from June - September.

So what does XL Airways offer the traveler? XL Airways provides cheap flights to Paris with a single cabin service, similar to Southwest Airways. Each fare includes one piece of checked baggage up to 44lbs and a hot meal on each flight. For those who appreciate a throwback experience, you can enjoy the in-flight entertainment on XL Airways overhead screens. If  this is less your scene,  XL Airways offers handheld Samsung personal tablets loaded with "first-run" movies for about 10 Euros. If you are traveling from the West Coast, XL Airways was clever to add the option of a Galaxie Class fare, which is essentially a Premium Economy seat. Considering flight times to Paris from the West Coast last about 10 - 12 hours this is a smart option for fliers seeking a little more comfort. The Galaxie fare comes with two checked bags, more spacious seating, priority check-in, Samsung tablet for entertainment,  full meal service with french products and beverages and an in-flight amenities kit. In the low season, XL Airways fares can be as low as $600 roundtrip.

Travel Expectations:

Intrepid Travelers: If you have quite a bit of travel experience, I would recommend trying out XL Airways. It's likely that you've seen and done it all with air, rail and probably even cruising and so you know how to make yourself comfortable in any mode of transportation. A few missing amenities won't spoil your trip.

Dream Travelers: For clients who are taking their first trip to Europe, a first long-haul flight, or are celebrating a special occasion like a honeymoon, I'd likely recommend the XL Airways Galaxie class. It prices out to be about half of the cost of a business class fare while providing an elevated flying experience relatively inexpensively.

Travel With The Parentals: Traveling XL Airways could a great option with a pairing of young and old travelers. Barring any hard preferences regarding how one travels, younger travelers can do a lot of bridge the concerns of their parents who may be used to a more traditional airline experience, essentially showing them the ropes. Be sure to book your seats together online.

When & Where To Book

Website: www.xl.com/us

Seasonal Service:

  • New York: March - October, Nov - January
  • Miami:  June - August
  • San Francisco: June - October
  • Los Angeles: June - September

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Disclaimer: I have not flown XL Airways, WOW or Norwegian and my views are based on published information or marketing materials provided by a sales representative.